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Marrakech: and a tale of beautiful Moroccan Design in Architectural Digest

A little Moroccan beauty, a little Marrakesh serenity, a little Red City inspiration....Such a lovely way to start off the week, courtesy of Architectural Digest.  A private 18th century riad oasis deep in the city.....


Architectural Digest, former home of Chilean artist, Claudio Bravo.  Renovated by Ahmad Sardar-Afkhami.  Photography by Simon Upton

Marrakech: and a tale of a beautiful Moroccan courtyard house (riad) for sale

I met her years ago.  I'm not even sure how.  But I remember thinking light poured from her.  She collected heart stones and was connected to the universe. 

She was (and is) Swedish -- as many beautiful things are.

She had a little and perfect Moroccan vacation home in Marrakech.  I wrote about it here.  Oh. It's now for sale.  Perhaps it should be yours?

It has a courtyard at its center...

1-_MG_0695 kopia

with lovely features...

1-_MG_0677 kopia

and glamorous light fixtures & nooks in the living & dining room.

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The prettiest stairs...

1-_MG_0699 kopia

lead up to  just two bedrooms -- each as pure as a Christmas tale (and overlooking the courtyard below).

1-_MG_0658 kopia

Amazing & elaborate sculpted crown molding everywhere.  And even...calligraphy!


Further up still....a terrace!

1-_MG_0663 kopia
and a private outdoor shower (to complement the 2 full baths inside, of course).

1-_MG_0671 kopia
1100 square feet, less than 200,000 dollars.  In the heart of the Marrakech medina.  Perfectly renovated and furnished.  Can we be neighbors?  

If you would like to see it or have more information, drop me a line at moroccanmaryam(at)

PS Did you know that this darling house is in my book, Marrakesh by Design?  Yes, I love it that much.  A detail shot is even on the book cover!

1-Dar Rumi tile floor cropped 3 262
PPS If you like this blog post, take a peek at my Pinterest boards.  I have one on Moroccan design.

PPPS Did you hear that Marrakech won Africa's leading destination for 2012 in the World Travel Awards? Check it out here.  I am as proud as a Moroccan Auntie.