Malian home

Mali: and a tale of beauty and architecture

I’ve never been a fan of Bamako.  The streets caked with dirt, the piles of torn plastic bags, the pollution.  Almost comical is the ubiquitous 1970s-style overstuffed furniture sitting by the side of the main streets – waiting, waiting to be sold to lovers of brown velour.

No, I’ve always preferred to get out of the Malian capital and drive hours away.  There you can see clusters of tidy huts, fascinating in their organic precision. 

Mali huts
Or buildings with elements of Malian grandeur– spires and towers. 

Or perhaps most beautiful yet, the carved structures,brutalist and yet elegant with their sinuous lines and geometric cut outs. 

Can you imagine {really} living differently than you do?  In a yurt?  A camel hair tent? A mud hut?  The world through those windows might be so different.



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