Julie Klear

Marrakesh: and a tale of Zid Zid designer Julie Klear's birthday

It was a special day, a surprise birthday party kind of day.  So I wore some jeweled sandals and headed over to Delphine Warin & Souhail Tazi's Marrakesh house.

1 toes

(Delphine and Souhail's house is filled with cozy treasures.)

1 books in Delphine Warin's house

We were all waiting for birthday girl Julie Klear to arrive so we could jump out and shriek Happy Birthday!  (Ahem, that's exactly what we did).

Julie was so surprised.  She recovered in the garden with her husband Moulay and with a sugar rimmed hibiscus flower cocktail that we brought from Peacock Pavilions.  

1 Julie Klear and Moulay

Souhail had made a warming birthday meal and we tucked in on the terrace!  (From the left, French lighting designer Laurence Landon, Me, Lise of Palm Pilates, and Julie.)

1 Julie Klear & Maryam Montague
And of course there was birthday cake that husband Moulay had snuck in.

1 Julie Klear's birthday cake
Served on the perfect plates!

  1 Julie Klear's cake

It began to grow chilly and more layers were added.  Some in the group got creative, for example, with this live puppy hat.

1 live puppy hat
 The party moved inside and there was some raucous birthday drinking and dancing! 

Happy Birthday Julie Klear
Julie, you're a girl who always has a star shining overhead, no matter where you are!

Julie Klear