Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh: and a tale of inspirations

Feeling inspired by many things at Peacock Pavilions these days.  Here's a few:

Talismanic hands of Fatima from a favorite jeweler

Jewels Hand of Fatima photographed by Maryam

Some new bones and Simon Winchester's book on skulls (interesting, perhaps, for only the most ardent skull enthusiasts).

Peacock Pavilions bones and skull book

A collection of antique embroidered Moroccan bags from Khalid Art Gallery.

Khalid Art Gallery bags

A new chair covered by a Moroccan wedding blanket.

Peacock Pavilions chair

One of the most beautiful design books that I own, The Divine Home by Peter Vitale.

The Divine Home photographed by Maryam Montague

A new but old Moroccan carpet from Red Thread Souk for my dining room.  Can you see that I have also upholstered my chairs in Moroccan rugs, too?

Carpet from Red Thread Souk

Collections of odds & ends everywhere.  Here some entomology pins from Merchant & Mills, a packet of gold sequins from Figue, a notebook from my friends at Imperial Black, and photography by Alexis de Vilar. I bought the wood arrow in South Africa.

Vignette by Maryam Montague

My family peacock, Maurice, at Peacock Pavilions. I'm still in awe of his splendour.  Really.

Maurice peacock at Peacock PavilionsWhat's inspiring you these days?  I want to know.

Marrakech: and an exciting design update

Dear Friends,

I can't believe it's the end of Summer already.  It's flown by, hasn't it? 

I wanted to share a special design update with you! 

Husband Chris Redecke and I are incredibly excited to be in a feature story in this month's House and Garden Magazine!  Many many thanks to the HG editors and especially to amazing writer Dominic Bradbury and fabulous photographer Richard Powers.  It's always such a pleasure to share Peacock Pavilions.

HG 1
Peacock Pavilions 1Peacock Pavilions 2
Peacock Pavilions 3
Peacock Pavilions 4
Peacock Pavilions 5
Also thilled to see Peacock Pavilions and my book, Marrakesh by Design, play a tiny role in Rachel Zoe's Zoe Report!  See adorable Figue designer Stephanie Von Watsdorf with it in this great feature here.


01-stephanie-von-watzdorf (1)


Thanks so much for taking time to come by and check in with me:-)

        Warm wishes from even warmer Marrakech (yikes! HOT!)


New York: and a tale of a Figue photoshoot

No, I havn't been in Marrakesh, or in Fez, or in Cairo or in Kabul.  

I've been in New the Hamptons.............with talented friend, client and designer of Figue, Stephanie Von Watzdorf.

You see, there was a Figue photo shoot and I went along.  

There were the loveliest jewels that Stephanie has collected one by one over her travels.

Figue 3
Figue 1
And the prettiest Figue pom pom shoes....

And ravishing loot that had no name but that Stephanie had procured or designed.....

Figue 2
Beaded Figue clutches, lined up one after another....

Figue 4
Including this hand sequined bag that I bought for myself!  

Figue 10

And of course, there were the amazing handmade Figue clothes.....{The vintage, embellished military jackets were my favorite}


Model Sonya was set to arrive.....{She had a heart and an exclamation point near her beautiful face.....}

Figue 5
There was hair....

Figue 6
And there was make up.....

Figue 13
And styling in earnest.....

Figue 12
And really Sonya was gorgeous in a way that was frankly bewildering....

Figue 11
The cameramen had their equipment and were ready......

Figue 7
And finally the shoot began......

Figue 8
So so beautiful.....but you'll have to wait to see for yourself.  In the meantime, check out Figue's gorgeous goodies right here.


PS I took these photos with my new iphone!  So fun.  Pls give me any tips you may have....I am learning. 

Marrakesh & New York: a tale of Figue love

My friendship with Figue designer Stephanie von Watzdorf had started in Marrakesh with talk of genies and the evil eye -- talk that had never ended.  

So I swapped the Red City for the Big Apple and found myself in the Figue showroom. 

Oh! Gorgeous bohemian luxury.

With cool places to lounge.


And fascinating things from Stephanie's travels...

There were masses of candles...

And (yippee!) stacks of my book, Marrakesh by Design.

But more than all that, there were the clothes.

Because you see Stephanie's vision of nomadic luxury translated from paper....

to real life....


A flurry of gorgeous prints, leather fringed bags

and luscious puddled silks....

There was even an inkling of what was to come....

And most exciting.... there were rumors that the Figue Fall campaign would be shot in Marrakesh....

Not to be missed.....Figue.

 Shop online. Or visit by appointment for a far greater selection.  If you're lucky, you might even run into Stephanie and her little dog, Dash.

10 Crosby St., Fifth Floor
New York, New York
(212) 219-8954

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