Cairo: and a tale of the man with {maybe} two or three wives, Part 5

(This is a continuation of the tale:  Cairo: and a tale of a man with {maybe} 2 or 3 wives.  If you haven't already, read Part 1 of the tale here, Part 2 here , Part 3 here, and Part 4 here.)

I was in Cairo, and we were driving, of course, when Ahmed said, Egyptian General Sissi is just like my dead brother.

How so? I asked.


General Sissi’s a sweet talker, Ahmed replied. Strong but a sweet talker. Egyptian women love General Sissi. It was the same way with my brother. You should have seen the way his three wives loved him, all at the same time. He had a way with them.


Really? I asked. Like what?


A smile crossed Ahmed's face and his voice changed when he imitated his brother’s baritone. He explained, This is how it went.  When wife #1 walked in, my brother would say, “Darling! Come sit here, right here, yes, right next to me -- not a centimeter away or I couldn't bear it!” Ahmed's hand tapped the steering wheel for emphasis.

Ahmed continued, Then five minutes later when wife #2 walked in my brother would practically shout “My beauty! I am such a lucky man! Such a very very lucky man!” and then he'd kiss her hand. 


I laughed.

Ahmed went on. Of course when wife #3 walked in, five minutes after that, my brother would say, “Oh my love! That lunch you made… was so tasty! I doubt even in heaven lunch is more tasty! Every man is jealous of me!”

Looking at Ahmed's belly, I couldn’t help myself from saying, Well, I think you share your dead brother’s opinion about wife #3, Fouzia. I know how you like her cooking.


Yes, Ahmed said.  In fact, I’m heading down to Ismaliya to check on Fouzia this weekend.  I need to check on all my dead brother's wives, of course -- it's my duty.  So anyway, Fouzia has been calling me every day to tell me what her plans are for Saturday lunch. Did I tell you that she raises chickens? Chickens, chickens, everywhere! Fouzia’s planning on taking one and stuffing it with rice, just for me! Ahmed swallowed hard in anticipation.


I see, I said.  Smiling I added, And will you tell Fouzia that you doubt that even in heaven lunch is so tasty?

Ahmed laughed.  Well, you know, maybe I learned a thing or two from my dead brother.  Then he added,  Now if only I were as handsome as General Sissi.


Egypt: and tales of walking like an Egyptian

Oh the tales....the many tales I've told about Egypt.....


Yes, that's where I...

Considered a tattoo.

Contemplated faith 

Played with a naughty little boy.

Spent time with a polygamist.

Was bejeweled.

Got lost in the Khan el Khalili.

Was enlightened.

Witnessed intrigue

Drank coffee with Naguib Mahfouz.

Wore gold colored glasses.

Was crowned the Queen of Juice.

Had color therapy.

Skimmed the surface.

Tried to crack a secret code.

Shopped and shopped.

Couldn't get a girl out of my mind

Shared a love story. and...

Had visions of Paradise.

I'm in Egypt now, searching for another tale to tell.

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Cairo's La Bodega: a tale of glamorous Egyptian dining and decor

I should have known as soon I saw them,  that La Bodega was unlike any other restaurant in Cairo.

She might have said, Expect glamour, as I brushed by her.  

And, of course, she was right.....  


Located in an old Cairo mansion, with all its fine fittings and fireplaces, La Bodego showed off remnants of a more romantic era.

Through golden doorways there was seating under crystal moons.......  


and a bar under a crystal waterfall.

All the beautiful people were there.  With a kiss kiss, they said hello.


And hung up their purses.

And (gasp) had an illicit smoke.

And then they gossiped Cairo gossip. 

The waiters could hardly keep up with the orders for chestnut risotto, crusted salmon, and homemade papardelle.

Or perhaps they were taking intrigue-filled notes culled from the whispered tales around them.

No mater, it was a shimmering night....

But don't take my word for it.  Next time you're in Cairo, come for a glamorous evening of your very own....

La Bodego, Apperitivo & Bistro

157, 26th of July Streat
Baehler's Mansions Building
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt
+20 2735 0543/6761 or +20 10 523 2923
Reservations by phone only.