Christine Johnson

Marrakech Morocco: and a tale of unplugging & connecting -- Christine Johnson family photography

They were seated at the table next door in the restaurant.  Parents and two children, their heads stooped over, their faces bathed in that unmistakable glow. The daughter flicked through the photos at the speed of light, one after another, one after another.  The father typed furiously with his two thumbs, his mouth curled in a scowl.  The littlest boy cried Nooooo.....and then Yesssss... as he shot laser after laser.  The mother liked and then liked again -- she liked everyone, it seemed.

Marrakech: and a tale of marriage

Oh, it's happened.  We forgot.

We were having drinks with friends in downtown Marrakech.  The music was going, the lights were glowing, the drinks were flowing.

And confidences were being revealed.....

My husband was immersed in discussions with the husband of a friend.  He told him that he was training for a half marathon.  I thought to myself,  How come I don't know that?

It was then I remembered.....our wedding anniversary.  We had forgotten it.  15  years.  15 years married.  Wasn't that a Hallmark something anniversary?    

The day had come and gone.   The day before.

I leaned forward and tapped him on the shoulder.  We forgot, I said.  We forgot what? he asked.  Our wedding anniversary, I said.  I got you that picture, he responded.  That was for my birthday, I said.  My birthday in three weeks.  And I picked that out myself, I added.  

Our wedding anniversary was lost in the shuffle.  The shuffle of to do lists and projects.  Of clients and children.  Of groceries and chores and emails.  The shuffle of horseback riding lessons and basketball tryouts and teenage angst and.......and things going wrong and others going right.  



PS So tell me..... What's the secret, you think, to marriage?  {Inquiring minds want to know....}

Image by Christine Johnson