Cairo photography

Cairo: and a tale of lives in the Khan el Khalili

Maryam Montague Cairo 1
It's always the same. I'm in the Khan el Khalili in Cairo.  I pass the jewelry stores with their strands of shiny new gold. 

Maryam Montague Cairo 2

 I then walk by the vendors of belly dancer costumes. 

Maryam Montague Cairo 4

 And say no thank you to the men selling the copper pots.

Maryam Montague Cairo 6

 And smile at the vendors of spices and dried hibiscus flowers and tell them I'll be back another day.

Maryam Montague Cairo 8Because the only stores I go into are those filled with old junk.

Maryam Montague Cairo 9Or perhaps it's treasure.  Yes, treasure.

Maryam Montague CairoI'm looking for the images of those who lived long before.  Some known. Others nameless.  

Maryam Montague Cairo 3I'll buy that one, I say.  And that one and that one.   I'll buy their memories in the Khan el Khalili.

Never forgotten.  No, no, never forgotten.