Cairo food

Cairo Kitchen: and a tale of where to eat in Cairo Egypt

I was born in Cairo to a mother who made food only from scratch. Nothing from boxes, nothing from cans, nothing with tiny print on industrial packaging.

just. good. food.

And so when I heard about Cairo Kitchen from friend and author Rawah Badrawi, I thought that perhaps it was the place for me.

I was right.

The restaurant itself is small but charming with a sea of tiling, a beautiful tin ceiling, a terraced seating area, and darling red stools.

But let's talk about the food.  The menu is simple and very reasonably priced.

Everything lovingly prepared in colorful, happy casseroles...

dished out by chefs who seem genuinely pleased to see you....

You can have a lemonade with a splash of rosewater or perhaps a hibiscus juice.

Can food taste cozy?  Apparently, yes....

No wonder some of the clients have a hard time controlling their enthusiasm....

Cairo Kitchen

118, 26th July Street, Entrance on Aziz Osman Street
Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt.

Phone: 0227354000


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Egypt: and tales of walking like an Egyptian

Oh the tales....the many tales I've told about Egypt.....


Yes, that's where I...

Considered a tattoo.

Contemplated faith 

Played with a naughty little boy.

Spent time with a polygamist.

Was bejeweled.

Got lost in the Khan el Khalili.

Was enlightened.

Witnessed intrigue

Drank coffee with Naguib Mahfouz.

Wore gold colored glasses.

Was crowned the Queen of Juice.

Had color therapy.

Skimmed the surface.

Tried to crack a secret code.

Shopped and shopped.

Couldn't get a girl out of my mind

Shared a love story. and...

Had visions of Paradise.

I'm in Egypt now, searching for another tale to tell.

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