Beni Ouarain carpets

A tale of beauty: Understanding Moroccan rugs and carpets (Part 1)

A tale of beauty: Understanding Moroccan rugs and carpets (Part 1)

As the daughter of a Persian mother, I grew up in houses filled with all sorts of high piled woolen rugs, intricately patterned silk carpets, and tightly woven antique kilims. When I was older and got married, my gift from my parents was a huge and fantastical carpet with curving arabesques and floral flourishes in lavender and black. 

I often get asked what I mean when I refer to Moroccan “pile rugs” as opposed to “flat weave rugs” and so I thought I would give you a little primer and share some carpet beauty…

Handiras: and a dreamy tale of glamorous Moroccan bedroom ideas

Handiras: and a dreamy tale of glamorous Moroccan bedroom ideas

In the winter, my bedroom is command central at Peacock Pavilions. You can see it here. 

I love to cozy into a beautiful bed with crisp sheets, my laptop, and endless cups of coffee.  And adding the ultimate layer of warmth and glamour is the Moroccan wedding blanket, or handira and a super chic Beni Ouarain carpet.

Manhattan: and a tale of food and marriage in a relationship's August

I was with her in a Manhattan restaurant, named August.

The kind of restaurant with beautiful girls...

Beautiful girl at August Restaurant in Manhattan by My Marrakesh

and martinis made with the vodka of your choice and...a twist.

Martini My Marrakesh blog

 She sipped her drink.  And then she told me.

He asked me, she said.  He asked me to marry him.

Oh, I replied. Oh!

You see they had already been together, lived together, for 12 years.

Her ring twinkled like a star -- like a star so very close in the sky.

Natalie by My Marrakesh

The waitress brought us the menus.  My friend took her time before she ordered.

More Natalie my Marrakesh

Mussels, perfectly broken open, the tender insides exposed.  Fresh greens, just wilted.  Toast, so comforting.

Mussels at August Restaurant by My Marrakesh

Of course.  Of course.

More mussels at August restaurant in Manhattan by My Marrakesh

I wondered then what it would be like to marry someone you had already been with for 12 years.  Past the time of the racing heart, past the time of the first and second and 497th passionate kiss.

After the blush had worn off and there you were, with no make up.  And he knew you, really.  And you knew him, really.  And there was no point in pretending.  No point at all.

To marry then, yes, to marry then... not in the Spring of your relationship

but in the August.  August by My Marrakesh

 PS Would love to hear about your August or non-August wedding.

PPS New beautiful stock of Moroccan Beni Ouarain carpets in my shop, Red Thread Souk.