Beni Ouarain carpet

Black Friday: And a tale of my favorite picks, part 1

Black Friday: And a tale of my favorite picks, part 1

Less but better.  My home, my life.  It's a work in progress.  It's true that I love beauty and I collect it. But I also collect the stories.  I have many pretty things in my shop, but I thought I would share with you the things that I would buy for myself. 

Morocco: and a tale of bringing the Moroccan souk to you!


It's my birthday today!  Oui!

I wanted to celebrate this year with some Moroccan gorgeous, with some ethnic chic, with some exotic glamour.  Yes, I wanted to celebrate by bringing the Moroccan souk right to you! So for the first time ever, I'm offering free shipping (to North America and Europe) on Moroccan carpets and rugs (including Beni Ouarain) and Moroccan wedding blankets (known as handira) in Red Thread Souk.  This is a huge savings!  And the exotic beauty of these pieces is truly awe inspiring.  {Fresh stock of incredible sequined flatweaves or kilims are especially enchanting}.

Take a peek:

  Red Thread Souk carpet 1

Red Thread Souk carpet 12

Red Thread Souk carpet 7

Red Thread Souk carpet 14

Red Thread Souk carpet 3

Red Thread Souk carpet 13

Red Thread Souk carpet 11

Red Thread Souk carpet 4

Red Thread Souk carpet 10

Red Thread Souk carpet 2

Check out all my stock right here.  And take advantage of the free shipping while it lasts!

            your friend in an olive grove in Marrakesh,


PS I also offer a payment plan if there is something you love but can't afford to pay all just yet!