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Marrakech: and a tale of my Moroccan vanity in House Beautiful Magazine

Oh my goodness.....So happy to be in the October House Beautiful, one of my favorite magazines!  I love the new global direction that Editor in Chief Newell Turner has taken this issue!

I'm flattered to be in the What's on My Vanity feature sharing my sculptural Barcelona basin and Xenon faucet, favorite jewelery from Bouvier and Azza Fahmy, as well as makeup tips:-)  The vanity itself was stenciled by former Peacock Pavilions staffer Todd Oberndorfer using a stencil from Royal Design Studio

House Beautiful vanity.

My shop Red Thread Souk was mentioned in the story and the hooks I designed were also  featured (yippee!). 

The jewelry hands in Red Thread Souk were also featured!

Jewery hands red thread souk

You can see the House Beautiful story in detail right here.  Many thanks to talented editor Lora Yoon.  This girl is so adorable it's ridiculous (and I was lucky enough to meet her in real life during my book tour for Marrakesh by Design).

Egypt: and tales of walking like an Egyptian

Oh the tales....the many tales I've told about Egypt.....


Yes, that's where I...

Considered a tattoo.

Contemplated faith 

Played with a naughty little boy.

Spent time with a polygamist.

Was bejeweled.

Got lost in the Khan el Khalili.

Was enlightened.

Witnessed intrigue

Drank coffee with Naguib Mahfouz.

Wore gold colored glasses.

Was crowned the Queen of Juice.

Had color therapy.

Skimmed the surface.

Tried to crack a secret code.

Shopped and shopped.

Couldn't get a girl out of my mind

Shared a love story. and...

Had visions of Paradise.

I'm in Egypt now, searching for another tale to tell.

Images from here and here.

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Cairo: a tale or Egyptian parable of Azza Fahmy's sublime jewelry

Oh, things might be confused and dark in Egypt.  But at Azza Fahmy........there is only beauty and light.

There is no Arab Winter here.....only eternally blooming Arab Spring.........


worn as a reminder.........on the finger. 


At Azza Fahmy, intolerance and fear are always better replaced by acceptance and generosity. 

There is no careless looting and burningno not here.  Only careful preservation.

....down to the last detail.

And there are certainly no grey regrets about things that have gone terribly astray.  Only a multi-faceted reminder..........  

of a great people with a great history.


But perhaps the true national treasure is Azza Fahmy, herself.  

A point of clarity and optimism in a place struggling to right itself. {Please, let it right itself soon.}

Azza Fahmy

Cairo, Alexandria, London, Dubai, Doha, Manama, Amman (and other places where fine jewelery is sold)