Project Soar: and a tale of empowering girls

Dear friends, 

I have been thinking a lot about my purpose lately.  This involves questions like, Why was I put on this planet? How can I better be the person that I want to be?  What will my legacy be?

Do you have those discussions with yourself, too?  

I think all of us want to be good and compassionate people.  We want to help.  We want to give back but sometimes it's hard to figure out what to do and how to do it.  We say to ourselves, I am just one person.  What can I really do?  

When I founded Project Soar 4 years ago, it was to help myself answer some of those questions.  The fact is that there will be 150 million more girl brides in the next decade unless we do something.  In Morocco and much of the developing world, girls who stay in school are much less likely to become girl brides and too young mothers.  At Project Soar we empower girls through academic support, empowerment coaching, health classes, sports and art and creative classes.  All Project Soar girls take the pledge to stay in school.

Project Soar is working!  But there are so many more girls that need help!  We have girls that are walking over an hour each way to try to reach Project Soar.  

Through a partnership with the Peace Corps in Morocco, we are now expanding Project Soar to new sites in Morocco!  It's so exciting.  Here are 5 Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) getting training by Field Manager Olivia at the Project Soar Headquarters.  

Here are some of the goodies that we give our Project Soar helpers at new sites.  We call this Project Soar-in-a-box.  We also give them our branded curricula in health, English, art, sports and girls empowerment.  They commit to rolling out Project Soar.

But for Project Soar to empower more girls, we need to raise funds. I will be in London this very weekend to talk about girls empowerment and Project Soar.  If you are there, I would love to meet!  My 15 year old daughter, Skylar, who is Project Soar's Youth Advocate designed this cute invite.

Girls need our help now more than ever before.  You can be part of the solution!  I am running a Crowdrise campaign right now to help Project Soar's reach.  You may have wanted to donate to a cause but been wary because you weren't sure where your money was really going or what it was really doing.  Project Soar helps you put a face to a cause.  It's the face of these girls and so many more like them.  They could be your daughter in another life.  Please donate through Crowdrise right here.  $10, $25, $50 can really make a difference.  When we gather $500 in donations, we can pay for 1 Project Soar-in-a-box and accompanying training.  This allows us to bring Project Soar to a whole new site!  Let's do it together.  Yes?  

Thank you.

Love,  Maryam