Marrakesh, Morocco: and a tale of roses at Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel

I still remember when, there wasn't a single one.  Not a single rose at Peacock Pavilions.  We'll plant them, I said.  We'll simply plant them, I repeated, feigning an air of breeziness.  Because you see, I knew nothing about roses, and nothing about gardening.  I was a city girl, after all. .  

But while I knew nothing,  I could see them --  the roses -- I could see them in my head.  And that's how it began.  So weekend after weekend, we planted, all of us, wearing gardening gloves too big for us bought at the ramshackle hardware shop.  

It was a floral meditation.  It was an ode to earthen alchemy. 

And now, well, now, there's this.....  

And you?  I'd love to hear your floral tales.  What are you growing?  

Images by the talented Natalie Opocensky.