Peacock Pavilions; and a tale of beautiful parties in Marrakech Morocco

I spent much of my growing up years in New England - first in Westchester, New York, and then in Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Winters were long and cold, Springs were  bright but all too short, and Summer were a veil of heat and humidity.  Basically, weather was a thing to be contended with.

We've had a long and beautiful Spring this year in Marrakesh, and we are reluctantly giving it up for the Sahara heat of the Moroccan Summer. 

But oh the memories.  There were some beautiful gatherings and parties at Peacock Pavilions, as well as a long string of cocktails on roof terraces. 

It reminds me of this photo shoot that was done for Style Me Pretty at  Peacock Pavilions by the astonishingly talented Scott and Ashlee O'Malley.  Film photographers, they managed to capture so many little facets of our place.  Our vintage glasses, collections of hand painted dishes, our gleaming silver platters and tea pots. It's pure romance.

I'd love you to come have your party at our place, too.  A special birthday, a family reunion, a gathering with your best girlfriends.  Email me at Peacock Pavilions, and I'll help plan something memorable. 

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