Marrakech Morocco; and a tale of Moroccan design at Peacock Pavilions

Oh and after the Summer holidays and the lazy days of dips in the pool and trips to the beach with Prosecco in the cooler.  And after the evenings spent reading new books and writing long lost friends.  And after sleeveless dresses and brand new wedges and Summer dinners in daylight because the days stretch on forever.  And after earnest new plans to take up new hobbies and start new businesses later yes later, when Fall comes.

Well after that, after all that, Fall is suddenly here.  And it's back to Peacock Pavilions.

It's a new look at the rooms and a recognition of what I've done and what I could still do. 

And here in my Medina Pavilion that I designed for that guest -- the one who muses idly of Africa and far beyond.  Yes, the art everywhere and patterned carpets.  The stenciled doors and stairs and ceilings.  The strange loot picked up in strange souks.  The chairs found in flea markets in Paris and the bedspreads found in Rajasthan.  And it's all mixed together somehow.

And it's waiting for that guest.  Perhaps that guest is you?  Not so far fetched.  Not so far fetched at all..... 

Images of Peacock Pavilions taken in film (!) by favorite photographers, Scott and Ashley O'Malley.  See all their beautiful work here