My Marrakech and tale of My Curious Home: Part 4

Oh, perhaps you've had enough of my curious things.... And so here are the last for the time being.....


Sequined silk cushion from Ranipink, old flatweave cushion from the Marrakech souks, vintage applique baby carrier made by the Miao people in China (a gift from my best friend).  All on a skin chair from Brazil.  

Photography book from Herb Ritts, old metal bracelets bought in the Sanaa Yemen souks, handmade bone box purchased in Bangui Central African Republic, starfish from the Moroccan Northern coast, green ram candleholder from Iran. 

Fanciful striped end detailing on an antique headress from Yemen.


18th century Thai Buddha, a gift from my parents.

Heavy bronze double headed pipe bought in Zaire.   Against a hand carved Moroccan door. 

Lifesized fertility body mask bought in Tanzania, dressed with a vintage Yemeni sterling silver belt.  Old Persian carpet and old handcarved Indian door in the background. 

Handmade Fayoum ceramic bowls from Egypt, zebra coasters from Namibia. 

Please, would you tell me....was my home what you thought?  Or somehow different?