Marrakech and a tale of my curious home: Part 2

An ongoing tale..........of my curious Marrakech home....

Antique praying Buddhist monk from Thailand dressed with Islamic prayer beads from Sudan and Morocco.   Vintage glass fishing floats from Essaouira.


Old heavy Moroccan bracelet in a hand beaded teal basket from Tanzania.

African wood fertility sculptures from Ghana and Mali wrapped in African rubber disc beads.

Part of a collection of antique mounted tiny bronze Buddha hands.

Antique nina from the Philippines resting on an old metal Moroccan measuring tape in a Cambodian basket placed in  a vintage hand carved Indian table.  Resting on a vintage Moroccan Beni Ourain carpet.

Hand blown green and amethyst glass balls from Egypt in a very large old amazonite ceramic bowl from Tamgroute Morocco.

*****More tomorrow, yes?