Marrakech: and a tale of Moroccan patterns

I'll take my patterns with my patterns, please.  

I love color, but {dare I say it?}, I love patterns even more.  They feel like a secret code, like a hidden language, like a mystery waiting to reveal themselves.  And that is especially true about  Moroccan, Berber and Islamic patterns.  Why? Because they are not just beautiful, they have a purpose and meaning.  

Eschewing figurative motifs, Moroccan patterns generally fall into three categories:  1) floral 2) geometric and 3) calligraphy.  I admire them all but I confess that the geometric ones hold the greatest attraction for me.  So contemporary and usable, despite their complexities.  

Diamond and triangle patterns have a special allure for me.  The diamond is said to signify the abstracted eye, and is thought to fight the evil eye and have protective powers.  The triangle is believed to represent fertility, the nomadic tent and a series of 4 triangles - the 4 seasons.  

So fascinating, yes?  

PS If you are interested in Moroccan patterns, pick up a copy of my book, Marrakesh by Design.  There's a whole chapter on patterns, their meanings, and many examples of Moroccan pattern throughout the book. Additionally there is a key to understanding the symbols on your Moroccan rugs.  It makes a nice holiday gift for yourself or someone you love.

More patterns, please:-)