Kabul: and a shopping tale - part 2

It was the kind of shopping that made you very happy and yet very sad.  Because a beauty like this was meant to be seen and shared by many.  Not just by those on assignment in Afghanistan.  Or those stationed in Afghanistan.  Or those covering Afghanistan.  But by those simply visiting Afghanistan for pleasure, for loveliness, for adventure.   

That's the Afghanistan that I am waiting for.  Please, please let it be so.  Some day soon. 

Until then....a glimmer. 

Hand embroidered key fobs.

Woven lattice fringe on an Afghan carpet. 

 The prettiest hand embroidered shawls.

Afghan kilim covered pillows.


Lovely little clutches embroidered by hand.


  Woolly handmade tassels with hand embroidery and shells.

Hand embellished jewelry rolls.

Hand etched, old polished vessels.

Silk, hand beaded blouse.