Kabul, Afghanistan: and a tale of cafes, restaurants and bars

Oh, I had seen that look before.  In a different place, in a different war.  

It was the look of captivity. The eyes of those who needed to get out before paranoia and claustrophobia set in. 

Too much time indoors, too much time waiting for bad news, too much time staring at a screen. 

Too many sad memories from too many tragic tales from too much needless violence.

Thank goodness for the sanctuaries.  For those spots where you could forget for an hour or two that anything could happen at any time because you were in Kabul.

LeBistro.  For brunch or dinner.

Cabul Coffeehouse & Cafe.  For a snack, coffee, or lunch.

L'Atmosphere.  For drinks, dinner, and a laugh.

Le Bistro:  One street up from Chicken Street, Behind the MOI, Shar-e-Naw, Tel:0799-598852

Cabul Coffehouse & Cafe: Street 6, on the left, Qale-e Fatullah, Tel: 0752005275

L'Atmosphere, Street 4, Taimani, Tel: 0798224982, 0798413872