The M.Montague Souk: and a Pirate's story in Elle France April 2016

When Elle Magazine first contacted me about using pieces from my shop, the M.Montague Souk in an upcoming fashion editorial, I was thrilled.  They told me that they were doing an editorial called, The Pirate's Fiancee.     

When I received the magazine, I loved it.  And I couldn't have been more excited to see so many of my pieces in the glossy pages.  But I was especially happy to see that The Pirate's Fiancee, had been transformed simply into The Pirate.  

Because why be the pirate's fiancee when you can be the pirate?  

If we happen to have a man (or woman) in our lives that's great.  But if we don't, that's fine, too.  And regardless, they need not be our pathway to adventure.  

Because we can always seek adventure all by ourselves.  (Or with our girlfriends!)  

The world is a big and amazing place, waiting for exploration.  Just like, well, a pirate......

Of course, a very compassionate (and stylish) pirate -- not the kind that pillages and plunders (unless it's plundering for jewels -- and in that case, we are happy to pay for them, the way nice people do).

Many many thanks to Elle Magazine for including my M.Montague Souk fashion accessories in your editorial!  I am so very flattered.   

Elle France, April 2016 issue
Model: Elisabeth Erm
Photographer: Dan Smith
Stylist and Creative Director: Marie Lichtenberg
Assistant Stylist: Alexandra Bourgault
Makeup: Annabelle Petit

Hair: Mehdi R'Guiba