Black Friday Weekend: And a tale of my favorite picks, part 2

I have never hidden my love for color and pattern.  I feel my most energized and happy when it surrounds me.  If shopping in my own store, these are the pieces I would buy.  

A colorful hand knotted Moroccan rug.  The two Moroccan carpets below are vintage and feel like pieces of art.  I would put the one on the left on the wall as an art piece and the one on the right as a rug on the floor.  Although both make incredible modern art.  Would be so beautiful hung in a foyer.

I adore this stunning hand woven Moroccan rug with its tiny tassels and sequins. This would be sublime also on a king sized bed or used as the most exquisite bed cover.  So much texture.

I can't get enough of these vintage Moroccan carpet cushions.  They are the perfect add of juicy color and amazing pattern.  I have them all over Peacock Pavilions.  I adore these ones with the pom poms - very hard to find!

I find these vintage all wool wedding shawls to be so breathtaking.  All fine woven wool with hand embroidery and inset mirrors, they are an artisanal tour de force.  I would use one at the foot of a bed or as a gorgeous headboard.  I would also upholster one to the back of a couch.  I also wear one with black suede leggings, high boots and a black turtleneck sweater.

This trio of baskets is an M.Montague exclusive.  They come in hot pink or deep blue.  I use them to stash all manners of things in my office.  I also keep succulents in them on my window sills.  They add cool dimension to your shelves and are so very useful!

I find these all brass hammam bowls to be so glamorous. I am so attracted to gold these days.  Perfect for storing soaps and cosmetics.  I like to wash my face with a fresh face towel every day and so keep rolled stacks of those in them.  Also fantastic for key, bedside tables, and all manners of mail and sundries in entry ways.

This set of 5 hooks that I designed is an investment in daily beauty.  All hand carved by a master artisan who also works for the King of Morocco.  They are jewelry quality and just so pretty.  I hang my jewels and towels on them. 

PS. It's all on sale through Cyber Monday.  Some fantastic deals.  Use the code IAMCHIC at checkout to get 30% off your entire order.