Marrakech, Morocco: and a tale of Amy Butler's magic

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I met Amy Butler.   I knew of her, of course.  I knew her book and most of all, I knew her fabrics.  And so I was flattered and excited when she booked two retreats at Peacock Pavilions last year. That said,  I confess that a part of me wondered if she would be approachable. Or if she would be, you know,  a brand.

When she first walked into the room, I was initially taken aback because she is quite tall (model tall) but I didn't have even a moment to think because she was too busy hugging me, giving me gifts, and laughing.  

You see, that's the way she is.  And so it was that over a two week period, we became fast friends.

I'm a fan of everything Amy does and that includes, her beautiful magazine, Blossom that she publishes with her adorable husband, David Butler, whose also now a friend (Don't even get me started on the aspirational nature of their marriage.  Amazing.).  So I was so excited to see Peacock Pavilions featured in the last issue!

Check out Amy's Magazine here to see even more photos of her last trip to Morocco. Or better yet, come and meet her yourself!  She has two retreats at Peacock Pavilions in November 2016, filled with learning, special surprises, and all the magic of Marrakesh.  One of the retreats is co-led by Valorie Wells, another textile artist I admire so much.  Learn more about Amy's retreats here and here.

And if you'd like to host your own retreat at Peacock Pavilions -- art, photography, writing, yoga, pilates, life coaching, or any other creative or wellness topic -- please contact me.  We'd love to work with you!