Africa: And a tale of Valentino in Kenya

By the time you see this post, I'll have left.  For Africa.  Now, of course, I live in Africa.  Morocco is, after all in Africa. But Africa is a big place - 54 countries to be exact.  I have been to 17 of those countries and so that leaves a lot more to see. So I'll just say that I have left for elsewhere in Africa.  It's a place I have been to before but no less fascinating.

I'm leaving for work.  I'm doing a study which is mostly on the impact of corruption and sexual violence on a sub-section of African women traders.  Yes, I do that sort of thing.  

I'll be hearing a lot of stories from African women.  Mostly sad stories, I know.  But the point is to have data to change things.  This study is part of a much larger Access to Justice program that I have been a part of.  

 I believe in the possibility of change.  I have seen it with my own eyes.  What I know doesn't usually work is to wait for change and do nothing.

I'll be traveling outside of the capital, along long stretches of African road.  I will drive with a team hundreds and hundreds of kilometers.

Along the way, I'll be seeing Africa and all its stark beauty etched along the side of the road.  In small villages and in bigger towns.

The people, the color, the architecture.  

African beauty is like no other.  It's singular.  And it's unforgettable.  How do you think I found myself living on this continent now for 15 years?  That's how.

 l loved this stunning Valentino campaign, shot in Kenya.  It was for the Spring 2016 collection.  I featured another sublime Valentino campaign here.  

Oh the clothes!  And oh, oh, Africa.........

All photographs by Steven McCurry