Mali: and a tale of my clients

My grandmother never really understood my job.  I'd explain it to her over and over again but a perplexed look would still come over her face.  Nonetheless, she'd brightly exclaim encouraging somethings like, Well that certainly sounds useful!  But I could tell she never got it.

I once met a woman at a cocktail party.  She told me she was in Morocco on a research assignment.  I pressed her for more details and she gave me the look of someone who had been avoiding questions.  Then she answered that she was studying mule sperm {!}.  Frankly, I think my grandmother would have been satisfied with that answer:-)

I'm currently working in Mali on a civic education project funded by USAID; the project touches over a million people.  We partner with community radio hosts and traditional communicators (professional story tellers and messengers) to promote messages of peace, tolerance, women's participation and good citizenship.

Here is a glimpse of some of my partners and project beneficiaries.


Mali portrait by Maryam Montague

Malian portrait by Maryam Montague



Malian village chief by Maryam Montague


Have you ever been to Mali?  To Africa?  Would you want to go?