Marrakech: and a tale of henna home delivery

Oh you may have at your fingertips the vespa riding fellas from Domino's Pizza. 

And that flower-of-the-month-club with its variety of orchids delivered right to your door. 

And that nice boy down the street who shovels your drive way when the snow is blowing in gusts. 

And those darling doorbell ringing girl scouts who entice you with their thin mint cookies.

Oh,  you're lucky all right.  I'll give you that.  Yes, I'll give you that.

But here in Marrakech we have...........henna home delivery. 

What you say? 

Well, it's like this..........

A click, click, click on the cell phone and there she comes........a satchel carrying, ever smiling girl with a brisk stride.  After a vigorous mixing of her secret potion, there's one sea green colored arabesque after another............until it's done. 

H 1

Why it's enough to make your hands sing!

H 2 

PS My book manuscript is due to my editor in one week (one week?!!!).  Oh my.  Please close your eyes just for 5 seconds and send out to me some left over goodness from your personal mojo, your four leaf clovers, your tarot card triumphs, your best fortunes from chinese cookies, your winning bottle caps, your secret prizes from cereal boxes, and all the times that your mother told you that you were the cleverest and bestest.    I need it now more than ever.

PPS oodles of new Moroccan carpets for sale. *love*  Check them out right HERE. (And click on the thumbnails to enlarge.)