Magic: an Indian tale of color

It was all because of the green, you see, the green

But let's start over.

She was of marrying age and her mother had tried to find her a suitable mate:  someone responsible, from a good family,  and kind.  She had found what she thought was the perfect man for for her daughter but the astrologer/fortune teller didn't approve.  And so went the way of the second and third and even the fourth man she found.  The answer lay in the stars,  the stars.  And along with the stars, the sun and the moon were no laughing matters either.  

And so the mother was hesitant when she went in for counsel a fifth time.  She clutched in her hand a piece of paper with the pertinent information: the times, the dates, and the locations of birth of the would-be pair.   And in a closed envelope was a picture of the suiter in question.  The wise man looked at the paper and stroked his chin thoughtfully.  Hmmmm he said.  Hmmmm......Then he said quietly these words, If this is the right man for your daughter, there will be green in the picture of him.  Green. 

Then he opened the envelope.  And took out the picture.

Now, this is the part of the tale where the mother's eyes gleamed.  Because there was green in the picture.  There was!  You see, the drapes behind the man were solid green, the color framing his face.  It was clear -- as clear as could be.

And so it came to be the daughter's wedding day.  The bride wore red, of course.  But it was only green that mattered.  The green

Shot in India.