Mali: and a tale of the flyaway girl

I was born on the back of a camel.

Okay, I wasn't really born on the back of a camel but I almost was.  I was born to a man who fell in love with a beautiful girl with long, glossy black hair and big, dark lashed eyes,  spotted in a foreign airport.  She ignored him but he pursued her all the way to her country.  Then he wooed her and took her away. 

They lived near the Sahara desert.  There were camels there.  And that's where I was born.  

I think it was there, in that moment, that my love of travel began.  And it's never ended.  It's taken me over mountains, over seas, across countries, across continents, into places of harmony and into places of war. 

And so it's been that I've become the fly away girl.  Always flying, flying to my next destination.

My Marrakesh blog 2

I type these words to you in the airport. 

See you, see you............ when I land.

Blog 3 
Shot at Peacock Pavilions.