Mali photography: and a tale of inheritance

Growing up, my father was not like other fathers.  Other fathers would go to the office in the morning and come back at 6 pm.  Mine would go to the airport and come back in 2 weeks.  When my teachers asked me where he was,  I would simply look up and say, He's in Africa

You can imagine, the school thought we were a curious family. 

My father would come back from his trips with bags filled with odd things - bowls and bracelets and bison horns - and curios that had no name but had a scent or a sound or a look that couldn't be forgotten.  He was a passionate photographer and in darkened rooms, we would watch images of what he had seen on a screen emitted from an old slide show projector.  

I can still hear the whirring of that machine.  

And so it was that I grew up
  to be just like him.

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Mali 2
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