Peacock Pavilions and a tale of styling (or drowning in) a bar cart

Oh, it's been a sad few days at Peacock Pavilions.  It started on Thursday when our beloved peahen Coco was killed by a rogue dog from the village.  She protected her five eggs -- due to hatch peachicks in just days -- until the bitter end.  Then, shaken by Coco's death, our peacock Karim and peahen Gigi, flew the coop literally and figuratively.  They haven't been seen since.

Peacock Pavilions is now just Pavilions:-( 

Meanwhile in a hastily drummed up incubator in our basement lie Coco's eggs, motherless.  Dead or alive, we're not sure. 

We're all a bit morose.  Let's just say this is where I've been loitering.... 

Vintage repousse pail from Fez.  Collection of French turn of the century illustrations on Morocco.

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