Peacock Pavilions: and a tale of decorating a Moroccan bathroom

I dream in color.

Yellow 1

Yellow 2 
 Yellow 3

 Yellow 4
Yellow 5 
My Moroccan decorating details:  I made the vanity using a Moroccan yellow cement tile I spotted locally with a modern floral pattern.  I found a little porcelain sink with a flower shape in a shop in the Marrakech industrial zone and a faucet that looked like a flower stem in the Marrakech souks.  I then put together a small Norman Copenhagen flower pendant lamp.  The cement floor tile is from Popham Design.  I picked up the pattern from the tile, enlarged it with a stencil, traced it on sticky contact paper, and had it sandblasted on the glass shower door.  Besides the yellow upper walls, the rest of the walls are done in a burnished ivory Venetian plaster that makes the whole room,  glow and bounces the light around.  

Sunny, no?