Marrakech: and tale of a flash sale of the world's very prettiest slippers

 It's Summer here in Marrakech, yes Summer!  There are friends over at a moment's notice, there are cocktails on the carpet covered terrace, there are late night dips in the pool.

To celebrate, I am having a flash sale on the very prettiest Moroccan slippers, made just for me (and ahem, just for you). 


Oh, I could have had them made in baby blue or pale pink.  But really, life is far, far too short for that sort of thing. 

So instead, I had them made in sultry (What? you say that is not a color?).  Yes, they're a sort of burnished silvery, bronzy, pewter.  Subtle and elegant, and yet sexy in the very best way.  Somehow (and really, it's just inexplicable) these seem to change color depending on what you wear. 

And if that weren't enough, sewn on there are deep lavender-looks-like-charcoal-in-certain-light sequins and the most petite beads.  We're talking pure glamour here (with frankly, a tiny bit of danger mixed in)  All made by hand, all made in the very softest leather.  With a cushioned insole so that you feel like you are walking on air.  (And you just might be).

For you, for your mother, for your sister, for your best friend.  Or perhaps for your wife (if you happen to have one).  Really for anyone who wants to feel a little bit pampered, a little bit seductive, a little bit more than just pretty.  Perfect for wearing indoors.   I wear mine hostessing my dinner parties in glimmering comfort. 

These are the slipper equivalent of a Marrakech evening under a canopy of stars.

But since this is a flash sale, these slippers will magically be gone in a flash at the stroke of midnight on Thursday May 27 (ie the start of Friday morning).  So if you want them, please buy them now.  The last time I did a sale like this was three years ago and I am not likely to do it again. 

$38.50, shipping included. 

Offer valid only for those in the US or Canada.  Please email (the husband)with your foot size and you will receive payment information.

Prepare to get noticed.