Marrakech, Morocco: and a tale of my being an on air host for CNN

Dear friends,

Having lived in Marrakesh, and several other cities overseas, I have depended on CNN International, not only as a news source, but also as a gateway into culture all around the world.  In particular, have always loved their feature shows, like Inside Africa and Inside the Middle East. And as far as personal role models go, reporter and anchor Hala Gorani tops my list of everything desirable in a woman - intrepid, smart, compassionate and beautiful.

So it was such a thrill for me last July to work with CNN on a CNNGo Marrakech episode.  It was ridiculously fun being on air explaining Marrakech from a hot air balloon, taking viewers shopping in the Moroccan souks, and talking about the magic (and sheer craziness) of the snake charmers on the Jemma el Fnaa Square.

I am very excited to be giving it another whirl, this time on the show, African Voices.  I'll be featured in an upcoming episode as one of three designers in Africa.  I will be talking about my creative process, sharing items that I've designed in the M.Montague Souk and then taking viewers into Marrakech to show them my inspirations -- including all the beautiful visuals of this chaotic and amazing city I now call home.  

Here are some quick pics from my day with CNN.

This episode of African Voices will air in July!  I'll keep you posted.  

With love from my Moroccan olive grove,

Maryam in Marrakesh