Marrakech & Peacock Pavilions: a tale of retreats & life expansion

When architect husband Chris and I set out to build Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech, we knew that we wanted it to be a special place.  Yes, we wanted it to be a stylish guesthouse where people could rest and recharge their batteries while nestled into a quiet olive grove.  And, yes, we wanted it to be the perfect springboard for jaunts to the souks and visits to the historic sights of Marrakech.

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But we wanted more than that.  We  wanted Peacock Pavilions to be a place where individuals could tap into their own creativity and learn new skills -- a spot where people could actually expand their lives by not only seeing beauty on the outside but by creating beauty on the inside.

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And so it was that we hoped that Peacock Pavilions might attract people with talent  -- like artists, photographers, poets, writers, potters, filmmakers, jewelers, and other creative spirits -- who would share their artistic vision and expertise with others.  And in this way, Peacock Pavilions would become a place of learning , forever embedded in the memory and history of real people.  People like you and me.  

We have been lucky enough to have had 3 different sets of peacock painters at Peacock Pavilions who came for retreats organized by the uber-talented Melanie of Royal Design Studio.  (These were such special experiences for me that I get downright teary thinking about them.)


And I am ever so excited to share that lovely Holly Becker from Decor8 fame is hosting a decorating/blogging retreat at Peacock Pavilions from October 16 to 23.  You can read all about it right here at Angela Ritchie's Ace Camps site.  I had so much fun making suggestions for special things to do  in Marrakech, in addition to all the amazing-ness that Holly will offer. (Holly's was the first blog I ever read and so it's all very meaningful to me.)

The Decor8 retreat is sure to be an *incredible* time.  If you would like to be a part of it.........HURRY.  There are only 3 slots left!  I would be so happy to see you here:-)

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PS Perhaps you (yes YOU or perhaps someone you know) might like to host a retreat in Marrakech at Peacock Pavilions?  Are you an artist/photographer/writer/designer?  Do you love to travel?  Would you like to share your talent?  Might exotic Morocco be on your list?  Hosting a retreat would pay for your trip and more!  I would love to work with you!  Drop me a line moroccanmaryam{at}yahoo {dot} com.  Don't just think about it -- make it happen:-)