Marrakesh: and a risky tale of failing and winning

Something is happening that I can’t quite explain.  It’s like that black diamond feeling when I’m skiing and I’m a bit out of control – frightening and yet exhilarating.  That rushing sensation, the wind whipping my face.  Worried that I might just crash, a tangle of limbs and metal.  I can feel the ice under my skis, lurking just underneath the powder. I can hear the scraping sound.  Side to side, faster and faster. I wonder

I wonder if I can stop. 

I think maybe I don’t want to.

I’ve been doing new things this past year and I want to tell you.  I’ve been starting other things, too -- in real life and in my head.  I have been taking risks.  And I have been failing.  I have been failing often.  But I’ve been trying again, once, twice, three times.  I have been succeeding, I think, almost.  Maybe not. 

I’m in a place that I don’t know.   I’m at the edge.   


Maybe you're standing out there with me, too? 


PS I couldn't be more excited to have this little blog voted as Best African Weblog in the 2014 Annual Weblog Awards.  Many many thanks to those who voted!  Thrilled to be the first Africa-based blog to enter into the Weblog Awards Hall of Fame:-)  So very grateful for your support. xo