A tale of a bride: Part 1

 She was a girl. She was a girl who had lived up the street. A stylish girl – a girl who always knew what to wear. 

 But she was picky, very picky.  The boys, well, they had come and gone.  None them was quite right, you see.  And so the years had passed.  She was 20, then she was 30 and then she was 40. And then she was a bit more.

That’s when she met him.  The right one.

 And finally… it was their day. 

 There was hair. And there was makeup.

 Until it was just right.

And there was a veil. 


So pretty.

And the dress! 


 Oh my…….the dress. 

Not to mention the shoes (and those who did her bidding). 


A bouquet.  What a bouquet…..

 And she was ready.


And he was ready, too…..

 11 To be continued.