A tale of a Persian bride: Part 3

She was quiet as they drove over to the ceremony, lost somewhere in her thoughts. 

The rope of diamonds around her neck..........her emerald ring.......glimmered.

Soon they were there.  Her groom was never far from her.

Upstairs people were waiting.  Waiting for them.  Her dress floated from side to side.  Her satin shoes made a click click against the marble floor.

The ceremony.  Oh, a flutter of Persian poetry and pretty words by those who loved them.  Pictures?  Sadly I have none.  I officiated the wedding, you see.  (Ahem, current job description: humanitarian worker and guesthouse owner by day, wedding ceremony officiant by night.  Or something like that.)

By the time I had my camera back, the seats were all empty.


 And the bride was busy getting and giving hugs.


And, of course, responding to requests to see the ring, the beautiful ring........

In the elevator, on the way up to the reception, I watched her through a sea of presents.  This girl who had lived up my street.  The one I had know for decades.... Now married.

I had never seen her so happy. 

Until the reception, of course.  But that's a tale for another day.........


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