Marrakech's Peacock Pavilions guesthouse: and a decorating tale of a Morocan caftan

Oh, I could have bought it in taupe or khaki or a discreet grey.  Oh I could have bought it in ivory, or beige, or a pale yellow. 

But I didn't. 

I bought it in hot pink and I pinned it to the wall.  Because  I dream in color.

Vintage Moroccan silk caftan, trim and buttona made by hand.

Orange patterns (peaked baskets from Rwanda).

Crowned with a yellow hand beaded and hand emboidered element of an old Moroccan Fantasia leather saddle.

  4 75 year old multi-hued hand appliqued Turkish pennant, handmade glazed Moroccan chevron tile table, white linen and vintage yellow silk sari shades.

In The Room of the Sufi Seamstress at  Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech  For rent.  Color-lovers especially welcome.

To be cont.