Marrakech boutique hotel: and tale of Moroccan decor in the Peacock Pavilions dining tent

You see, I never wanted Peacock Pavilions boutique hotel in Marrakech to be like, well, a hotel (not that there’s anything wrong with hotels, mind you). But I wanted it to be more like staying at a stylish friend’s house. And so dinner would be like a dinner party. Where you’d show up and you’d never really know what to expect. Because your friend would want it to be unconventional and surprising. She’d want make it special for you.

Here’s what it looked like in the Peacock Pavilions dining tent in Marrakech last night.

Peacock Pavilions tent 1

Peacock Pavilions tent 2

Peacock Pavilions tent 3 

Peacock Pavilions tent 5 
Am thinking that Peacock Pavilions is so nice for retreats, special parties, or weddings.   What do you think?   Email me at ppavilions [at] gmail [dot] com. if you'd like to chat more.

Images by PP intern, Katie O'Shaughnessy.