Marrakech: and a tale of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains

Oh please don't mistake me for one of those girls who always has her bed made, or her make up on, or her schedule set.

Yes, please don't mistake me for one of those girls who always has her act together.

Because I'm not one of those girls.

In fact, lately, my mind has been a cluttered place.  Jumbled, if you know what I mean.  And when it gets that way, I know that I have to get out....

And the Moroccan Atlas Mountains are just the ticket to peace of mind.

Because in the Atlas Mountains, there is quiet ambling to be had. 


And discoveries to be made.

 And treasures -- of the very most valuable kind - to be found.


You can even set up a shop with the lowest rent imaginable.

 And after that.......

with this canopy overhead......


you can fall asleep in a bed just right for you. 


So this weekend..........leave your city troubles behind. And escape -- if only for an afternoon -- to your own Atlas Mountains. 

Here's hoping they're nearby.