Marrakech and Peacock Pavilions: a Moroccan decorating tale of evolution (or something like that)

I was thinking about how we all grow and change.  I was thinking about how different I am now from the person I was 10 years ago, from the person that I was 20 years ago. I was wondering about the person that I will become in 10 years and in 20 years from now.  Life, it all goes by so fast. I was wondering about how I could better become the person that I want to be.  More generous, more patient.  Less frenetic, lighter.  A better mother.  

We all evolve. Are we evolving in the right direction?  I wonder. 

Peacock Pavilions Room of the Visual Voyager 
Room of the Visual Voyager at Peacock Pavilions.  Vintage Algerian kilim with magic numbers, old hand embroidery around the doors bought on assignment in Kyrgyzstan, antique Buddhist temple painting from Thailand, vintage Shia'a print bought in the Marrakech souks. 

In the next few months, I am going to transform this room.  It's time to evolve it into something new.  I wonder what it will become?

PS I'm in Cairo on assignment.