Marakech, Morocco: and a tale of auto-focus

Dear friends,

I can’t remember when I had so many balls up in the air. Really…I can’t remember when. I realize that it’s a situation of my own making. I’m a risk-taker; I am bad at saying no and good at saying yes.  And that goes for all sorts of things, including those that I’ve never tried but that I rationalize are possible with a little thought/a little effort. 

But then I find myself confronted with the promises I’ve made, with the things that I must deliver.  It’s a heady place propelled by adrenaline but also quite precarious. And the danger is that my life becomes disparate, becomes diffused.  That I wake up in a fog, where I am pulled in so many directions that everything is out of focus.  That I’m out of focus.  Do you know what I mean?

So my challenge is now to focus.  I am trying hard to do just that. Despite demands, despite new opportunities, despite wishes to do otherwise.

Discipline is an art - I'm on a steep learning curve.

What challenges are you facing?  Please share.

With love,
Maryam in Marrakech

  Maryam 1

Maryam 2

Maryam 5