Zoe Pawlak: and a tale of a Sky for Dreaming Into

If you've been reading this little blog for some time, you might know that I'm not very good at having babies.  And that was especially true when it came to making my little girl, Skylar.  

She was a tricky recipe. 

But ever since Skylar was born, she has amazed me by her steely determination to be good in everything. Everything.  I'm so proud of her.  But in Skylar's zest for the here and now and all things practical, she sometimes forgets to dream, to imagine, to think about what might and could be.

Here's the creative process behind the new addition to Skylar's room.  It's called, A Sky is for Dreaming into. It's Skylar's sky now and it's by talented Canadian artist Zoe Pawlak.  

Because there is always a new sky, new dreams, more chances.  Never forget.

Directed by Jesse Savath - jessesavath.com


Learn more about Zoe on her Website.  She's wonderful to work with.