Marrakech: and a tale of a fabulous adventure that awaits *YOU*

Get out your's today's quiz.  

I love beauty: Yes/No

I love shopping: Yes/No

I love travel: Yes/No

I love (delicious) food: Yes/No

I love pampering: Yes/No

I love adventure: Yes/No

One last one............

I deserve to treat myself (I work hard!): Yes/No

Time to tally up your answers!

If you found yourself answering Yes more than No, maybe it's time to head to..............Marrakech. 

Peacock Pavilions (ahem, yours truly) is organizing a retreat filled with everything fun this May: 

*Amazing shopping in the souks, guided by me!  

*Moroccan wine tastings!  

*Candlelit dinners in the Peacock Pavilions embroidered tent!

*Visits to Kashbahs & palaces!  

*Henna parties and cocktails!  

*Expert talks about Moroccan interior design & shopping!

*Movies in the private outdoor cinema!  

*Belly dancers, camel rides, snake charmers........

*And of course, lodging at Peacock Pavilions, a boutique hotel made from scratch with love by, (and the sweet architect husband, of course.)

This  is a trip you will never forget (I promise!).  Very affordable and lots of surprises.  Talented Angela Ritchie of AceCamps is helping organize and this shiny girl is coming along to help.  

Don't just dream about it, make it happen!!!  See all the details right here.  Spots are already filling up!:-)

6a00d8345204a169e20133f56db13f970b-800wiImage by Alkaline Sisters