Essaouira: and a tale of Moroccan doors

I was thinking about how things change. How children grow and are gone.  How relationships begin and then end.  How jobs - once so shiny -- start to tarnish.  

Yes, I was thinking about how doors sometimes close.  And we are left standing outside wondering what to do.

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But if we have faith,  there are always always other doors.  Perhaps even more beautiful.  Perhaps even righter.  But we must see the world with trusting eyes or they won't appear.

And at that single moment when they do, we mustn't carry the burden of all that has come before -- the disappointments, the wrongdoings, the broken hearts. But let them go and be new again.

Then, we must reach out our hand, unlock the door

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and push it open.

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Treasures await each and everyone of us.

Images from Essaouira.