Marrakech: and a tale of organized soap (or something like that)

Dear friends, 
Things have been a bit confusing around here.  From uprisings and marches for freedom in the countries where I work, to uprisings and demands for no homework at home.  Add to that that some very pressing deadlines, and it's controlled chaos at best.  

I find when things get that way, it's good to organize.  I use a time management technique that has been so helpful to me that I wanted to share it with you.  It's called the Pomodoro Technique. You can learn more about it right here.  

And then there are my drawers.  Take a peek here.

My Marrakesh soap 6
My Marrakesh soap 7
These are actually my lingerie chest drawers.  There are other pretty things in there, but, ahem, I thought it might be wise to show you the soap drawer.  (This is a PG sort of blog, after all.)

My Marrakesh soap 4
My Marrakesh soap 3

My Marrakesh soap 1

But I would love to hear about your organizational tools and techniques.  What do you have for me?  


Maryam in Marrakesh

PS There are still three more slots waiting to be filled in my upcoming retreat at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech in May.  Please come!  We will have so much fun!  Find out more about it here.

PPS  And if you haven't already, could you, would you, might you, vote for this My Marrakesh blog in the 2011 Annual Weblog Awards in the Africa category.  Mentions on Facebook and other blogs would be very gratefully accepted (and please do let me know about them so that I can thank you, properly).  I've been a little fragile lately, and so your support would be such a nice thing:-) 

My Marrakesh soap 5