Anywhere: and a tale of friendships and vampires

It’s been a tricky few years for friendships.  I recently made a new and very special friend.  She looked at me, a weary look in her eyes, and said, “Be wary of the vampires.  You know, the ones who drink your blood and leave you with nothing.”  

Oh yes, I know.  I know about those. 

Over the last several years, I’ve made the hard decision to cut out a vampire or two {or three} from my life.  It didn’t involve pointed wooden stakes but it was painful.  I liked and in one case loved blood sucking creatures.  But I had to love myself more.  

Friendship is a tricky thing.  But basic rules apply.  Lying, sneaking around, breaking promises, backstabbing – they are not on the list.   

Friendship by Maryam Montague

Oh why am I telling you this?  You already know.  Right?  

I want new friends.  But I’m watchful of that telltale white luster just beyond the skin’s surface.  The kind that’s not so beautiful when you get up close....  

PS Would love your thoughts or advice on this subject, if you have a moment.