Marrakech: and a tale of Meriem's birthday at the Bab Restaurant

It was Meriem's birthday, you see.  And so we headed for the Bab Restaurant in Marrakech to celebrate.

Meriem 12

We admired the stylish decor.

Meriem 11 
There were poufs made out of shimmery plastic in Moroccan upcycled chic.

Meriem 9 
 and vines climbing up the trellised walls on the inside.  So pretty.

Meriem 8 
 There was gossiping at the bar.  Ahem, of course.

Meriem 1 
The birthday girl,  a Moroccan stylist, looked pensive.

Meriem 6

 But her darling husband brought drinks replete with ingredients like mint and ginger.

Meriem 4 
 And my silly husband told jokes.

Meriem 5 
Then a magician appeared out of nowhere and told Meriem to pick a card, any card.

Meriem 2 
 He correctly guessed Meriem's queen, of course.

Meriem 3 
 Soon she was back to her regular mischevous ways.

Meriem 7 
I think that she and Yves Saint Laurent realized that there is only one thing you need on your birthday and every day.

Meriem 10