Marrakech, Morocco: and a tale that might make you smile

Oh, things might happen this week.  Annoying things.  Frustrating things. Things that might make you throw your hands up in the air, or shake your head, or mutter under your breath.

But when they do, try to remember that you {yes, you} are one of the lucky ones.  Really.  

Right?  Right. 

{Well, I'm glad we got that squared away.}

 Smile 2 

 Smile 4

Smile 5 

Smile 7
Smile 6 

Smile 8 

Smile 3 
 Some of my colleagues in the Morocco office.

PS  Thank you Tripbase for your Travel Photography award. So nice.  Right here.

PPS Brand new stock of gorgeous Moroccan Beni Ourain carpets and sequinned wedding blankets.  Too pretty not to take a peek.  Right here.