Marrakech: and a tale of a Moroccan wine tasting at Peacock Pavilions

 oh, we were having a Moroccan wine tasting at Peacock Pavilions in Marrakech!

Talented Chantal whipped up some appetizers in the kitchen.  Goat cheese & homemade onion chutney.

WT 1

And then guacamole in shot glasses, served with Chantal's *famous* cheese straws. Yum.

 WT 2 
 and mini quiche wedges served on vintage metal etched Moroccan trays.  The bougainvillea straight from our garden.

WT 3 
And well, of course there was Moroccan wine.  Umm, plenty of it -- 9 different wines were being tasted!  We had covered up the essentials so no one would know what they were tasting!  We love secrets around here.

WT 4 
We set up in the outdoor tiled pool cabana at Peacock Pavilions. Expert wine explainer (and ahem, taster) Alex was all set to extoll the virtues of Moroccan wine.

 WT 5 

There was gazing, and swirling, and sniffing, and finally tasting.  There were even score cards to fill out so that you could remember all your favorites. 


And later, all was revealed.... (oh so you loved the Moroccan wine, Eclipse?  Me, too. )

WT 7 
The sun had set by the time that the Moroccan wine tasting was over.  But in our tipsy state, there was still time for more 1 more glass!  

WT 8 
Coming to Marrakech? Peacock Pavilions does Moroccan wine tastings for parties of 10 or more, followed by dinner in our Moroccan embroidered dining tent.  Please write if you would like to inquire. (infoATpeacockpavilionsDOTcom)  It's a memorable evening:-)

PS Check out darling sponsor, the Soulbird blog -- she has a super cool tribal modern flair, with plenty of Moroccan mixed in. (Yowza!)